The Grindas: A Family Affair

All our lives are the result of an extremely improbable set of events. Despite all the efforts it takes for us to succeed, we would not be where we are if it was not for all the hardships and adventures our ancestors and parents went through. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

As a result, my brother Olivier and I commissioned a movie and book on the family history of which we knew very little. It’s an homage to our family and more specifically our parents Ollivier and Sylviane, and a thank you to our brother Christopher who is the bearer of the torch when it comes to the family history.

This is a memento for the generations to come and especially for Édouard, François, and Amélie for them to understand where they come from and participate in the family lineage.

You can find the movie below in French with English subtitles. If you prefer, we also have a French version with French subtitles.

We also made a beautiful book on the family history which you can find below.