1947 Rise Interview: How we built FJ Labs

I had the pleasure of speaking with Shiva Singh Sangwan of 1947 Rise. We discussed the intricacies of building a fund. We covered why building a fund is akin to building a startup, why we are bullish on India, and why our diversified strategy is the most effective.


00:00: Top Moments.

00:34: Intro for Pod with Fabrice.

01:57: FJ Labs founding story.

04:57: Portfolio and fund model evolved through experience and learning.

07:59: Success factors for a $290 million fund.

09:45: Potential changes for the third fund if starting a new fund.

12:15: LP relationship-building strategies.

16:38: Effective pre-fundraising relationship building.

18:31: Evolution in deal sourcing.

25:27: Challenges in building a venture fund.

27:05:  Investment thesis for India.

31:08: Pros and cons of starting a fund.

33:54: Importance of brand building for deal flow.

35:17: Typical day routine.

37:14: His obsession outside of work.

38:25: Recent personal mindset changes.

41:32: Who is Fabrice outside of work?

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